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About Us

Ash and Air mobile cigar truck with greenery nest to it.

Our Story

The story of ash & air begins with 2 wedding professionals, turned best friends, with a desire to create a wedding rental geared towards grooms & groomsmen. after working hundreds of weddings in the pensacola, fl area, the two of them realized that many venues did not offer a great hang out place for the gentlemen of the wedding. they randomly decided while eating lunch one day that a mobile cigar lounge was the way to go, and immediately hit the ground running on making the vision a reality.

Ash & Air is the first mobile cigar lounge in pensacola. we offer a unique, exterior lounge atmosphere, inspired by Havana nights. 

though our original idea only included weddings, we are happy to book our mobile cigar lounge for all types of events, including but not limited to:

  • birthday parties

  • bachelor parties

  • golf tournaments

  • other private events



Ash & Air is configured inside the truck bed of a 1988 Japanese mini truck. we've affectionaltely named Gomez. With an immersive experience, including the use of the truck, lounge area, and amenities, our Tobacconist will invite your guests to select a cigar from the display within the truck bed.

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Row of Cigars


Ash & Air carries a variety of craft cigar brands, hand-selected by our cigar experts. whether you are new to cigar smoking, or an aficionado, we have options to appease any palette.

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We're not just your average table with cigars on display -- Ash & Air provides a unique, immersive outdoor atmosphere with a mobile cigar experience. Each time you book Gomez the mini truck, you will get:

  • The outdoor lounge set, including chairs, ash trays, side tables, rug, and lighting

  • A record player and records

  • A tobacconist who will guide you through choosing, cutting, and lighting your hand-picked cigar

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Additional amenities available for an additional fee:

​games | rain canopy | fire pit | heater | photo booth | stocked non-alcoholic drink cart



About the Owners

Favorite Cigars & Pairings

Arturo Fuente Hemingway with Angel's Envy Rye

Acid Blondie with Barnacle Rum

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Ash & Air is owned by best friends, Tim & Caleb. the two of them started off as owners of two different wedding photography & Videography companies in pensacola, fl. they both always valued community over competition, and would refer to each other if unavailable. Developing Ash & Air together took their friendship to the next level, and brought them to eventually combine their wedding companies into one.

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