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Ash & Air Mobile Cigar Lounge- September Newsletter

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Man smoking a cigar

To our Avid Smokers and curious beings alike,


This month, Ash and air mobile cigar lounge will be covering the upcoming events that we will be a part of, a new cigar review. a perfect birthday party idea, and more.

Featured Cigar

This month's featured cigar will be the Brickhouse connecticut. Contained within the entire Brick House lineup are exclusively crafted Nicaraguan cigars boasting impeccable construction and an abundance of exquisite flavors. Moreover, these cigars are attractively priced at around $6 each. Presenting an extended range, Brick House Connecticut now offers a mellower alternative, though it retains a satisfyingly robust taste. Crafted by the skilled hands of J.C. Newman in Nicaragua, the Brick House Connecticut features a natural, lustrous golden-brown wrapper. With each draw, your senses will be greeted by gentle notes of sweet cedar, cream, and toasted goodness. For enthusiasts who relished the original Brick House experience, exploring the nuances of its smoother companion is undoubtedly worth considering.

Man holding a Brick House Connecticut Cigar

Cigar: brick house Connecticut

Cut: v-cut

Pre light notes:



First third:



Second third:



White pepper

Final 3rd:


Slight sweetness


Stories and Testimonials

Did you know that Ash & Air is able to join your birthday party?!? That's right! you can elevate your birthday party with our fully immersive cigar lounge for the birthday guy or girl to enjoy with their besties!

Beth and Aaron with 30a Arrange, invited us to their home to celebrate Aaron's 42nd birthday with their closest friends and family! They even broke out a highly sought-after bottle of Pappy! A fantastic time had by all thanks to great people and great cigars to go with it!

Cigar Culture/Industry News

Embark on your journey towards a perfect wedding celebration with our exclusive September offer. For a limited time, we are thrilled to present a remarkable opportunity to save $100 on any wedding event booked within the month. Picture your dream wedding coming to life, complete with all the intricate details that make your day uniquely yours. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand affair, this special promotion allows you to bring your vision to reality while keeping your budget in mind. Don't miss out on this chance to seize exceptional savings while crafting unforgettable memories. Book your September wedding event today and take that crucial step towards turning your dreams into cherished moments.

Upcoming events

Thursday September 28th, we will join the Bourbon and Wine Pairing at Stonebrook golf course. Indulge in an exquisite evening of sensory delights at Stonebrook Golf Course's upcoming Bourbon and Cigar Pairing Event. Set against the backdrop of rolling greens and serene landscapes, this event promises an unforgettable fusion of flavors and sophistication. Join us for an enchanting evening where the rich notes of carefully selected bourbons harmonize with the nuanced profiles of premium cigars. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or looking to explore the world of bourbon and cigars for the first time, this event caters to all palates. Our experts will guide you through an unparalleled tasting experience, highlighting the intricate interplay between the smoky allure of cigars and the deep, intricate character of fine bourbons. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your senses and enjoy an unparalleled evening of elegance at Stonebrook Golf Course's Bourbon and Cigar Pairing Event.

as always,

Enjoy the Burn

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